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European projects

INNOGROWTH works to promote opportunities offered by the European funding programmes, building a network of relationships, knowledge and innovative solutions.

INNOGROWTH as well coordinates and participates in various European projects under different European Programs as Erasmus +, COSME, EaSI, Creative Europe.

INNOGROWTH is highly successful in providing the members with opportunities to develop EU-financed projects,  either by coordinating them or by alternatively by being a partner.

The experts working at INNOGROWTH, both as staff and external consultants are specialised in delivering excellent and feasible innovative solutions for our daily life.

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If you want to be part of our project and you are eligible, please feel free to fill out the Partner Identification Form 

Our objective is to build a strong partnership and our team will select partners with appropriate profiles for our project idea. In case we approve your profile, we will contact you, otherwise we well be happy to be in touch with you for futures collaborations.

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European Association for Innovation and Growth would like to present for your attention the INNOVENTER project funded by the European Union under the INTERREG Balkan-Mediterranean programme.

The project is realized by the National Federation of Employers of Disabled People (Bulgaria) in partnership with:
– Angel Kanchev University of Rousse,
– Marie Curie Association, Plovdiv,
– Albania community assist, Albania,
– Cyprus chamber of commerce and industry, Cyprus,
– Dyeko – support network for entrepreneurship and social economy, Greece,
– Management consulting association MCA 2000, Macedonia,
– VIVES university college, Belgium.

Project idea

The core idea is to establish VOCATIONALLY ORIENTED SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP TRAINING for small and medium enterprises so that they innovate themselves, while at the same time also engaging disadvantaged people as employees.

Target groups

– Students in mainstream secondary or vocational schools on business management and economy subjects
– Teachers in economy oriented schools
– Trainers on entrepreneurial topics in vocational centres
– Practitioners and entrepreneurs
– Social entrepreneurs
– Business owners, social enterprises
– Decision and policy makers

To access the TRAINING COURSE please visit the official web platform.


MODULE 1. Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
MODULE 2. Dimensions of Social Entrepreneurship
MODULE 3. Identifying Social Entrepreneurship in Practice
MODULE 4. Brief Overview of Social Change Theories and Dilemmas
MODULE 5. Theory of Social Exchange
MODULE 6. Social Capital Basics
MODULE 7. Social Networks as Base of Social Capital
MODULE 8. Determinant Personality Traits to Establish a Successful Social Enterprise
MODULE 9. Social Balance Sheet and Measuring Social Value
MODULE 10. How to Become a Successful Social Entrepreneur
MODULE 11. Social Enterprise Business Plan
MODULE 12. Launch, Growth and Goal Attainment
MODULE 13. The Empowering Leadership of Social Entrepreneurs
MODULE 14. Solving Problems That Can’t be Solved
MODULE 15. National legislation and current status on Social Entrepreneurship


Networking events have become crucial to professional success. The INNOGROWTH Networking Events aim to facilitate conversation and relationship between members, professionals and academics-bright minds with the ambition to make the world a better place, to grow their activities and to inspire others. Our networking events are the best place to get new partners, exchange ideas, information and experience in different field in a pleasant way.


INNOGROWTH organises a range of events from full conferences to private briefings. Some are open to the public, some for members of our Network only. We run our own events, and we organise bespoke events for clients. But whatever the format, every INNOGROWTH event shares the same unique imprint: it combines expert knowledge with bringing together the people who really matter in innovation, research and policy – both as speakers and as audience.

Innovation box

The Innovation box provides a platform to all those who would like to share their practices and recommend innovative solutions for different topics related to our daily life. If you think your project is relevant to our initiative, all you need is to share it with us!