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Why to joint us?

Being an active INNOGROWTH member offers a number of benefits.

Information: It takes time to search for and sort through information. Our bulletins, alerts and other communications ensure members stay on top of all-important information regarding European funding opportunities, tenders, policy and initiative.
Expertise: Direct access to our team of experts for advice and assistance on important steps in writing a European project, importance of the dissemination strategy, managing all financial aspects and implementation processes, enjoying a range of preferential prices.
Opportunities to contribute and to be involved in EU research & innovation funded projects, share perspectives, methods of work and enlarge knowledge on other innovation experiences in Europe.
Collaboration with other members in education, research, innovation from all over Europe.
Visibility: Access to a global platform for endorsing and promoting innovative initiatives and activities.
Events: Our members have opportunities to expand their networks, knowledge and influence through regular seminars, strategy & policy briefings, technical training, conferences and social gatherings.
Lobby and Advocacy

Membership types and fees

For 2020 the cost of joining INNOGROWTH (membership year: 1 January to 31 December) is:
Social enterprise: 250 €
Individuals / Private company: 500 €
Associations/ Consortium: 1 000 €
Supporting Members: 2 500 €
Benefactor Members: 5 000 €
Public Bodies:
free of charge
Students and unemployed: free of charge (only Information and Events benefits)